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Form Email Processor

Form to Email ASP.NET Script

Form-2-Email™ allows you to add all the necessary files to take form data, with CAPTCHA validation, and send it to an email address on a windows based ASP.NET hosted web server without being a programmer and without knowing ASP.NET.  Form-2-Email is one of the first commercial form email processors that does not require you to be a programmer to truely run 100% on ASP.NET on your server.


Most form-email scripts work with PHP and require a UNIX-hosted web server.  Although this may not be a problem in some cases, there are many cases where you need an windows-based ISP, or you already have windows-based code in your web site that requires you to be on a windows server.  Up to now, there was no real solution except to create that script on your own or to outsource it using a service-based solution....but now there is.  Form-2-Email works with your existing Windows ISP so that you can easily take your windows based website and windows based form and convert it to an email.


  • An ASP.NET component that works with Windows-based Servers
  • Works on your server or your ISP's server as opposed to a costly monthly service where you have no control over the security of your customers information or your potential prospective customers information.
  • Uses a REAL CAPTCHA component for security to reduce SPAM from automated FORM SPAM programs
  • Securely manages your email address outside of the form so that SPAMMERS cannot get your email address
  • Flexible:  Create new forms, Add new form fields or eliminate existing form fields without being a programmer and without a costly monthly service fee
  • Customer controlled AutoResponder:  End-customer option to receive a copy of the receipted email as well (autoresponder), that can be optioned to the customer or hardcoded via hidden field to not be user selectable.
  • Uses existing email servers.  No need to install or support additional 3rd party email components.  (Uses System.NET.Mail)
  • Also available as a Microsoft Expression Web Add-in allowing easier script addition and maintenance via popular design tools.
  • Built-in ASP.NET validation of important fields.  Require basic fields to eliminate spam.
  • ASP.NET master/detail pages for easy design changes and incorporation of existing web site look and feel.
  • Redirected ThankYou html page 100% in your web designers control.

Are you worried about your sensitive customers contact information going to a service based solution where it could be resold?

Do you prefer a windows-based server because of other valuable windows based technologies like

Then Form-2-Email is the Solution for YOU!